Friendship Continues For 75 Years

Published 5:26 pm Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sally Lou Chernault Mottley and Verna Smith Zoop met at Vera School in Appomattox County the first day of school in 1939. Today their friendship is still alive after 75 years.

“We were always together until senior high school,” stated Sally Mottley. “We went home with each other, we traded clothes, we double dated.”

Mottley was married before her senior year, and Verna went on to finish high school and married later. Mottley had two girls and two boys, and Zopp had two girls.

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“Through the years we would see each other once in awhile,” Mottley continued. “I was living in Indiana and Virginia Beach. I came back to the area in 1990, and our friendship picked up again. We would talk a couple of times a month.”

In 1980 the two friends went to their 25th school reunion.

“Verna is in an assisted living home in Richmond,” Mottley related. “I live in Prince Edward County and take care of my home and two acres.

Both Mottley and Zopp will turn 81 this year and both continue to value their longtime friendship.