School Bus In Accident

Published 2:16 pm Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PRINCE EDWARD — Division Superintendent Dr. David Smith confirmed a Monday afternoon accident involving a school bus on Abilene Road, but reported that there were no injured children.

Dr. Smith reported that bus 10 was delivering students after school.

“And the bus was hit from behind by a car. The bus was stopped at the time and…there were about 16 students on the bus and…everybody on the bus was checked by the rescue squad at the scene and then they were released to their parents,” Dr. Smith explained Tuesday morning.

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He added, “And we’re very grateful that there were no injuries on the bus and very appreciative of the quick response of law enforcement and rescue personnel…”

The standard protocol is that they send another bus to the scene so that they can continue the route if needed, but Dr. Smith believed that all of the students were picked up at the scene by their parents and taken home.

“We’re very pleased with the response of…all of our staff members including mechanics and (the) transportation director that responded quickly to the scene also and helped to manage the scene and get…children with their parents and, also, then to get the vehicle safely away from the scene and back to the bus garage where it’s being thoroughly inspected…as we speak,” Dr. Smith said.

The bus was able to be driven back to the bus garage. The superintendent noted there will be some repairs that are necessary, “then a very detailed inspection to be sure there’s no hidden damage before it’s put back in service. And that’s a standard part of our protocol also.”

Dr. Smith also offered, ”Bus accidents are always cause for great concern and we’re always…pleased to be able to confirm that safety protocols were followed and the response went smoothly to help minimize the excitement and reaction of the students on the bus. So we’re also really pleased with the manner in which the law enforcement and rescue squad personnel at the scene helped to, as quickly as possible, handle the scene and prevent further excitement.”