To Defeat A Negative Dispiriting Election, Let's Vote For Yes

Published 3:59 pm Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What a negative, uninspiring campaign it has been for governor of Virginia.

A long distance runaround through the roundabout.

I’ve seen all good people close to the edge of despair as they ponder the un-dynamic duo of Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe.

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The gates of delirium might seem a more appealing destination than the voting precinct on November 5, but that is just the mood for a day.

And it will soon be over, all the sound bites and sound chasers gone like the fish that got away. Election Day will culminate with one of two underwhelming candidates receiving enough votes to make the refrigerator and chef at the governor’s mansion their refrigerator and chef.


The campaign choices are so dispiriting that many people will choose re-wallpapering their living rooms with their tongues instead.

In two weeks, all the negativity will come to a head and you and I will awaken with the heart of the sunrise, go to the polls, look at the ballot and feel that we have five percent of nothing on the election menu, that we are owners of a lonely heart.

Just remember, when you vote on November 5, yours is no disgrace. We got two bums on the ballot. That’s not our fault.

So, my endorsement?

Drumroll, please, Alan White and Bill Bruford, because there is a fall election that will allow us all to cross the partisan divide and unite behind a thoroughly positive campaign with an unambiguously positive message.

Let’s vote the iconic British progressive rock band Yes into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Online voting will run through December 10. Cast your vote by going to, then click on the voting icon and feel the gubernatorial electioneering fall away from you like a politician’s promise.

There is nothing negative about Yes. Yes is Yes. Yes is not no. Yes will not sequester you, shut you down or accept bribes to alter lyrics or illegal donations to change their tune. Yes will be there when you need them most. Yes will be good for your economy. Invest in their CDs, which will only accumulate more and more interest as the years go by.

I have supported the band’s platform for decades and to see the group finally nominated for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last week allowed me to stop wallowing in the despair of Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe. After I voted for Yes, I felt cleansed and renewed, washed clean of the mudslinging campaign for governor. The way I felt after voting for Yes must have been the way people felt after voting for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln—like starship troopers.

I could have flown a Siberian Khatru to the south side of the sky.

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame website describes Yes as “the most enduring, ambitious and virtuosic progressive band in rock history.”

Fact-check that all you want, it’s true.

Formed in the 1960s, Yes is still out there recording and touring. The band performed to a standing room crowd in Charlottesville this summer and was brilliant.

Let’s rock this vote.