Campbell Shows Fiscal Restraint

Published 4:10 pm Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Editor, The Herald:

In the upcoming election in November, for Supervisor I am supporting Howard “Pete” Campbell.

Mr. Campbell has devoted time and energy to the community for many years.

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His service to the citizens over the last four years as supervisor has been beneficial to his constituents of Prospect District and all citizens of the county in his effort to curb spending and keep taxes low. Pete has helped Prospect District residents with highway matters and many folks have called on him to correct problems with roads and Prince Edward County problems as well.

Pete has made many votes for fiscal restraint in the last four years but was often outvoted by five members of the board that are big spenders that do not have a clue about what expenditures help county citizens. The Board of Supervisors will change in January 2014 due to the retirement of the current Chairman of the Board. There is a good chance that someone that understands that you cannot spend more than you receive will win that post.

Please help reelect “Pete” Campbell for Prospect District Supervisors so that we can stop reckless spending like the “Road to Nowhere” project and the water project that approximately five million dollars was wasted on.

Henry O. Shelton