Intercounty Rivalry Game

Published 1:21 pm Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FARMVILLE — On Thursday night, supporters of Prince Edward and Fuqua volleyball met at P.E. High School to watch the first ever match between the public and private schools of Farmville.

The match began at 7 p.m. with the junior varsity teams. Prince Edward JV won the match 2-0 and the varsity Eagles won all three games ending the night with a 3-0 victory over Fuqua.

The JV team for P.E. had a significant come-back in the first game when they were down by 11 points. They managed to redeem the 11 points needed to tie up the score and went on to win the first game.

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The varsity Eagles team was undefeated in the match, however, the Falcons did give them a run for their money in the last two games.

“We didn't do anything that we weren't supposed to, so that is a plus. However, we have a few adjustments to work on before our next match such as setting. I feel like if we continue to improve these smaller details then we will have a successful season,” commented Coach Bruce Bogese of the Eagles.

He also went on to say, “I am very proud of my players, especially Libbie Reed, Brittany Aitken, and Aunna Stewart. Both seniors came through tonight and overcame my expectations. Libbie Reed had her best varsity game since being on the team for two years.”