Sedgwick Plans To Remain Engaged With PE Schools

Published 12:26 pm Thursday, July 4, 2013

PRINCE EDWARD – Last Wednesday's fiscal year-end closeout meeting was also the last for out-going school board member Dr. Ellery Sedgwick.

Dr. Sedgwick, on the wrong side of a heads-or-tails coin flip following a 4-4-tie appointment vote of the County's Board of Supervisors, plans to stay engaged.

“I'd just like to say that I've enjoyed working with everyone… and I hope you keep touch,” Dr. Sedgwick commented, with the meeting nearing a close.

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He offered that he might come back and sit in the peanut gallery “and raise uncomfortable questions.”

Dr. Sedgwick, who has served eight years on the board, was also cited for his service. Dr. Timothy

Corbett, who was appointed just last year from the Leigh District, offered that Dr. Sedgwick has been “a mentor for me” and that he would miss him.

“I will definitely miss you, too,” board chairman Russell Dove added, citing his dedication and passion.

Last Payments

Wednesday's session afforded the board an opportunity to approve the last payment of bills before the conclusion of the June 30 fiscal year.

Among the last purchases under site improvement, the board approved field upgrades for baseball, football and soccer. The $28,800 expenditure, it was explained, represents the major portion of the field upgrades for baseball, football and soccer that includes killing what is there, putting in some topsoil and reseeding. It was noted that it has already been done and the rains are helping. The bills also included the purchase of a reel mower ($5,800), which is used for the Bermuda grass.

Other expenditures include: interior and exterior cameras (most of which are at the elementary school) costing $36,195; paid in full the leave balances for retirees rather than over time; and moving forward with a telephone upgrade (that included the payment for materials and equipment to be delivered before the end of the fiscal year).

Dr. Smith explained that it's a complete replacement of the telephone system.

It was noted that the existing system was damaged by a storm. Insurances did not cover replacement upgrades. Labor will come out of the 2013-14 budget. The completion date is expected by August 1 with the total cost for materials in the year-end budget $86,083.90.

Year-end expenditures also included insurance premiums worker's comp, fleet insurance and property and casualty, and the purchase of a replacement van ($22,864.29) used to transport students to and from day placements.

All anticipated revenues had been received, it was cited. The remaining unspent balance for the budget year was figured at $21,495.98. County officials have previously agreed to allow leftover funds to be rolled into the following budget year.

In Other News…

The school board formally approved the local plan for gifted education.

Board members were also presented an update on the opening of fuel oil bids. The school division participates in a consortium with other school divisions (though they can choose providers individually) and the board had authorized the superintendent to enter into a contract with the lowest fixed price bidder. James River Solutions was awarded the contract for the coming year. The heating oil price is fixed at $3.107 (an increase of three cents) per gallon, gasoline will be $2.904, a 20-cent increase in fixed prices, and diesel fuel at $3.053 was up five cents per gallon.

The budget factored the estimated cost.