Pray For Our Beautiful America

Published 1:53 pm Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Editor, The Herald:

For the Republicans to ever get back in the White House again they are going to have to be more “politically correct” like the Democrats. They will have to:

1. Believe in abortion, which is murder.

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2. Accept the gay lifestyle, which is an abomination against God. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan calling a gay person to congratulate him for being gay?

3. Immigration: We spend millions on building walls and border patrols to keep aliens out, but when they get here, they get social programs and when they have babies, the babies become citizens. I have nothing against people coming to America, but I think they should do it the legal way. For example, I was in Germany in the Paratroopers in 1961. I met a beautiful German girl and she came here with her visa and we got married. She applied for her citizenship and after she passed her test she became a citizen.

4. Socialism and Social Programs, which make the lazy lazier. There are so many programs that they will finally bankrupt America.

a. We, the taxpayers, are paying for raising other people's babies and so forth. I cannot name them all.

b. What they call poor these days is living like a king compared to the way I lived in the forties. We had no electricity. We had to walk to the spring to get water and to keep the milk cool. My mother had to cook over a hot stove when it was 100 degrees outside. We cut our wood with a cross-cut saw. We raised our food in a garden. We went outside to use the toilet. We raised pigs and cattle if we wanted meat. Things got a little better after the war when electricity came down our road and that was great. We had no time to do the things that kids do these days. We had to work to eat. There was no time for crime, which was very low.

5. Gun Control: We don't need more gun control. We need mind control. Anybody that kills another person or persons, except in the case of self-defense, and is proven guilty should be executed within a week.

If this country does not return to God, like our forefathers meant us to do, we will wind up just like old Rome. Read about it some time and see where we are headed.

Pray for our beautiful America. Pray that it will be restored to its original foundation, and that the Republicans will hold true to their values.

William H. Sutton