Students Honored

Published 4:56 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BUCKINGHAM – During its regular monthly meeting, the Buckingham County School Board continued its tradition of beginning the May meeting with an assembly in the high school auditorium to recognize student accomplishments and achievements.

After Chairman Ed Wise officially opened the meeting and welcomed everyone, Superintendent Cecil Snead told the audience, “This is a special day, a day when we bring the best of the best of Buckingham County together to reward you for your efforts.”

Noting that the honorees included students from pre-K through twelfth grade, Dr. Snead stated, “This is your moment.” He noted that over the next few weeks there would be numerous banquets and award ceremonies closing out the school year. “We look forward to all those festivities,” he added.

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Snead explained that before they proceeded with the student achievements, the school board, which he explained is a member of the Virginia School Boards Association, would be recognizing some of its business and community partners by naming them to the 2013 VSBA Business Honor Roll.

“This is something new, so we wanted to take the time to recognize those who have contributed in a special way this year to the functioning of Buckingham County Public Schools,” stated Snead.

Snead, reading from the first resolution, shared, “WHEREAS, public schools and local businesses are an integral part of this community; and WHEREAS, many local businesses play a crucial role in supporting our schools; and

“WHEREAS, the economic health of our community, state and nation depends on a strong public school system; and WHEREAS, collaboration between local public schools and local businesses strengthens schools and the business community alike by providing a well-trained and highly educated workforce; and

“WHEREAS, an excellent public school system is vital to the quality of life in this community and fundamental to preserving a strong democratic society now and in the future; therefore be it

“RESOLVED that the Buckingham County School Board names F. Acie Allen, Jr., Attorney-at-Law, to the 2013 Virginia School Boards Association Business Honor Roll, showing appreciation for the firm's ongoing support of this community's public schools. Your work has aided this community in focusing on the goal of providing the best public schools we can for every child who attends them.”

Although the next three resolutions were presented for different reasons, the wording was similar except for the concluding resolution portion containing the specific individuals and entities.

Next, Snead called on a trio from the Buckingham County Sheriff's Office. Joining Snead at the podium were Sheriff William G. Kidd, Captain Roger Jamerson, Chief Deputy; and Deputy Johnny Ewers, School Resource Officer.

Snead explained, “This has been a special year. The sheriff's department has worked tirelessly with the school system in order to ensure that we do have safe schools.”

He continued, “It takes more than security systems, it takes people-it takes active students, active teachers, active administration, and it takes a sheriff's department who will listen. And they have.”

The superintendent offered, “They have been there for all of us this year.” Noting national tragedies and unusual behaviors, Snead said the BCSO has not only “been there” but also offered “a lot of education along the way.”

He added, “You may not know this but they were part of a security audit that we did in order to improve the safety of our schools. So if you follow our school board meetings, you will know that we are looking at some new security measures and we are working with other outside agencies.”

Presenting the framed resolution to Kidd, Snead offered, “So thank you Sheriff Kidd and staff.”

Continuing with recognizing law enforcement, Snead called on Sergeant Mark Mills, representing Area 19, Division III, of the Virginia State Police.

“Again, it truly takes a cooperative effort for our schools to be safe and secure and for the community to feel confident in our ability to keep them safe and secure,” said Snead. “We are very honored and pleased that Sergeant Mills and other Virginia State Police staff took our invitation and came in and audited our school buildings and our grounds for safety.”

The superintendent added, “And this is not a one-shot deal. This is a partnership. That's why we are here today to recognize the state police and their representatives.”

Both Mills and Trooper David Edmondston were named in the resolution.

With the last presentation, Snead called on David Christian, a member of the school board who is a pharmacist with Rite Aid Pharmacy in Farmville.

Snead explained that Christian in cooperation with Rite Aid arranged for flu vaccinations for the school division's staff. “So this contribution to the well-being and health of all is being recognized,” he stated, noting that Christian also administered the vaccine to the staff.

After making the presentations to the VSBA Honor Roll recipients, Snead explained that they would now begin the student recognitions. Simultaneously, the school board members joined Dr. Snead at the front of the auditorium to congratulate each student honoree.

Buckingham Preschool

Dr. Snead, explaining that the recognition also included students from Buckingham County Preschool, which is completing its first year as part of the school division, called on Vickie Craft, lead teacher/principal, to make the presentations.

Receiving certificates for Outstanding Story Time Log were Mariah Leonard-Winfree, Dallas Powell, and Colin Throckmorton.

Honored as Most Improved in their classes were Charles Bartee, Jr. and Joseph Maynard.

Receiving certificates for Best Behavior in their classes were Mariah Turner, Riley Chandler, and Wyatt Wickizer.


Pennie Allen, Principal of Buckingham County Primary School was next to the podium.

She began her presentations by calling on students who received certificates for serving as tour guides during the VSBA Regional Forum, which was hosted by Buckingham at the new Carter G. Woodson Complex. The tour guides included Daniel Farrish, Holden Tyson, Chloe Bishop, Jackson Powers, Eli Bryant, Lashai Bolden, Amari Rose, Rondel Richardson, Jaquan Chambers, and Quintin Page.

Gaining recognition for their participation in the WCBC art and writing contests were first place winners Malaysia Maxey, poetry; Gwyneth Mitchell, story; Courtney Agee, art; Isabella Branch, art; Hailey Kelly, art; and Sarah Wheeler, art.

Students receiving certificates for having their artwork selected for display at the Buckingham School Board Office included Quintin Page and Jocelyn Zavala.


Buckingham County Elementary School Principal Cindy O'Brien presented certificates to Dylan Price, first place in the division-wide Spelling Bee and first place in the BCES Spelling Bee; Rachel Bardon, Amil Bolden, Brayden Edwards, Demonte Glover, Joshua Goins, Lucas Monterrozo, Jaeyden Randolph, and Matthew Wright for participating in the division Spelling Bee.

Receiving certificates for artwork selected for display at the Buckingham School Board Office were Trevor Kelly and Connor Bohanon, who also participated in the VSBA Regional Art Exhibit.

Students recognized for serving as tour guides during the VSBA Forum included Taylor Call, and Shaniya Bolden.

Receiving certificates for their first place awards in the WCBC art and writing contests were Lauren Morton, poetry; and Jermarious Ford, story; Branden Companion, Michael Graham, Nathan Hawk, Adashia Hurt, Dustin Molkentin, Hannah Pillois, Sydney Smith, Adam Wilson, and Matthew Wright, for art.


J. B. Heslip, Principal of Buckingham County Middle School, was next to the podium as he called on sixth, seventh, and eight grade students beginning with Emily Vaughan, first place, BCMS Spelling Bee; Kris Panko, second place, BCMS Spelling Bee; Morgan Pugh, second place, division-wide Spelling Bee; and Tiyhahna Grammer, Samantha Poole, Rachel Temple, Daquan Tindall, Devin Townsend, Emily Vaughan, Kris Panko, and Morgan Pugh for their participation in the division's Spelling Bee.

Students recognized for receiving ribbons in the WCBC art and writing competitions included Emily Vaughan, first place for story; Mya Chambers, second place, poetry; Haley Cash, first place art and a second place in art at the district level; Imani Scruggs, first place in art at the local level and second place at district; Haley Mayo, first place in art at both the local and district competition; Kiana Shaw, first place in art at both local and district competition; and Anthony Woodson, first place in art at both local and district competition.

Recognized for participating in the Longwood Youth Art Show were Shaeleah Whorley, Sierra Flood, Abbey Phelps, Imani Scruggs, Rachael Pugh, and Kiana Shaw.

Receiving certificates for artwork selected for display at the School Board Office were Mya Brydie, and Abbey Phelps, whose artwork was also exhibited in the VSBA Regional Art Show.

BCHS and CTE Center

BCHS Principal Roger Coleman and CTE Principal Kyle Bryan teamed-up to recognize high school students receiving awards.

Earning Southside Virginia Community College, SVCC, Cosmetology Career Studies Certificates are Stephon Anderson, Lisa Ayres, Shanesha Baker, Casey Branch, Taryn Coleman, Jeannie Davis, Phoenix Davis, Khadijah Eldridge, Shanelle Jones, Katelyn Mann, Lindy Rogers, Jasmine Rosales, Hannah Sprouse, and Shanequa Wicks.

Recipients of SVCC Nursing Aide Career Studies Certificates are Dashanda Bowles, Chelsea Companion, Khadijah Eldridge, DeMeria Gough, Curtez Johnson, Ja'quay Johnson, Ne'Arsha Kyle, Olivia Stanton, and KeAndra Turner.

Receiving Associate Degrees in General Studies from Southside Virginia Community College are Carter Allen, Jaina Mehta, Jessi Scruggs, Liza Serafin, and Cody Short.

Recognized for their participation in the Virginia Student Council Association were Tyshell Chambers, secretary; Camre Johnson, Region 8 Representative; Carter Allen, Tyshera Chambers, and Lavente Woodson, appointed committee members.

Winning blue ribbons in the Woman's Club of Buckingham County, WCBC, Art Exhibit were Mariah Bryant, Shiquan Jackson, Kris Carter, Diamond Randolph, Damaro Gough, David Bartee, and Sarah Williams.

Students whose artwork was selected for display in the School Board Office include Mariah Bryant, who also participated in the 2013 VSBA Central Regional Art Show, and Hailey Waybright.

CTE students who participated in SKILLS USA Competition at the State Fair included Brandon Wharam, Carpentry, fifth; Troy Davenport, Carpentry, fifth; Kaylee Craft, Cosmetology Total Look Hair, fifth; Jeannie Davis, Cosmetology Total Look Model, fifth; and Katelyn Mann, Cosmetology Total Look Make-up, fifth.

CTE Culinary Arts students participating in the 2013 Virginia ProStart Student Invitational Culinary Management Competition included Brandy Davis, Cory Houtz, and Daniel Friend, third in Culinary Management Competition; Shawntay Moneymaker, Darius Nelson, and Olivia Mudd, second place, Culinary Competition.

Successfully competing at the FBLA Regional Competition were Kevin Hickman, first place in Job Interview; Adriana Coleman, first in Emerging Business Issues: Damaro Gough, Torie Glover and Alicia Johnson, first place in Network Design, Ashley Raynor, first place in Public Speaking II; Jessica Guajardo, second place in Business Math; Sarah Turner, second place in Spreadsheets; JaMir Smith, third in Impromptu Speaking; Jael Gough and Parker Shumaker, third in Entrepreneurship; Kadesia Thompson, third, Intro to Parliamentary Procedures; Stanessa Harris, fourth in Network Design; and Destiny Spencer, fourth in Network Design.

In FBLA State Competition, Kevin Hickman came in fifth in Job Interview; and Ashley Raynor, fifth in Public Speaking II.

Receiving certificates of recognition and service for making artwork easels for the VSBA Regional Art Exhibit were carpentry students Lucas Cullen, Corey Gooch, Daniel Jamerson, Anthony Jamerson, Tucker Justis, John Saxon, Chris Smith, Scott Spencer, Thor Stish, Brandon Gentry, Josh Goolsby, Elijah Ranson, Austin Seay, and Brandon Wharam.

Culinary Arts students recognized for preparing and serving the meal at the VSBA Regional Forum included Shawntay Moneymaker, Darius Nelson, Olivia Mudd, Jeff Koczon, Jessica Woodward, Jose Rodriguez, Curtis Banks, Cory Houtz, Daniel Friend, Terrell Ayres, Rachel Knighting, Jordan Whorley, Amberlee Wilkerson, Lauren Anderson, and Keavon Jones.

Several music students were also recognized for performing during the VSBA Forum including Samantha Draft, flute; Quinten Allen, guitar and vocals; Tevin Harris, piano, and Carly Jones, vocals.

Receiving certificates for assisting with floral arrangements for the VSBA Forum were Jessica Guajardo, Dillon Fox, Savannah Gough, and Ciera Ownby.

JROTC Cadets recognized by the Virginia Air Rifle League for receiving a total of 14 trophies and medals from all matches included Aleecea Houser, Jerrod Ayres, Alexandria Poole, Jason Gormus, Austin Phelps, Jacob Ragland, Dillon Jamerson, Cody Smith, Ali Ansari, Joshua Baird, Tyler Raynor, Jesse Lann, and Ian Morris.

Ian Morris was named Most Improved Varsity Virginia Air Rifle League Member; Aleecea Houser, Most Valuable Varsity Virginia Air Rifle League Member; Alexandria Poole, All Star Varsity Virginia Air Rifle League Member; Zachary Poole, Most Improved Junior Varsity Virginia Air Rifle League Member; and Jason Gormus, Most Valuable Junior Varsity Virginia Air Rifle League Member.

Jerrod Ayres was recognized for achieving second place from a standing position in the U.S. Army Virginia National Guard competition and Ian Morris received a third place in standing firing position.

Cadets honored for participating in competition as members of the JROTC Raider Team and winning two trophies during the unit's first year of competition included Ali Ansari, Ian Morris, Trevonte Langhorne, Aaron Hale, Jesse Lann, Tyler Raynor, Alexandria Poole, Zachary Poole, Tamara Lewis, Amber Damianos, Christina Damianos, Ebony Robinson, Amber Bosserman, Tamara Perkins, Ceara Cullen, Olivia Halloran, Jerrod Ayres, William Reaser, Dillon Jamerson, Ronnie Bagby, Austin Phelps, Maria Finan, Jacob Ragland, Tyler Jones, Aleecea Houser, and Felicia Londeree.

Cadets competing as members of the drill team and winning 36 trophies and medals from all matches included Ali Ansari, Ian Morris, Trevonte Langhorne, Aaron Hale, Jesse Lann, Alexandria Poole, Zachary Poole, Amber Damianos, Christina Damianos, Amber Bosserman, Tamara Perkins, Ceara Cullen, Olivia Halloran, Jerrod Ayres, William Reaser, Dillon Jamerson, Austin Phelps, Maria Finan, Jacob Ragland, Aleecea Houser, and Felicia Londeree.