Saturday, May 25, 2013, 10:00 A.M.

Published 9:42 am Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Selling For Lizzie Hayes

Quarter Lane (Off Lee Wayside Road), Buckingham County, Virginia

DIRECTIONS: From Buckingham Court House travel Route 60 East 1.7 miles to Lee Wayside Road (Rt. 690), turn right, travel .3 miles to Quarter Lane, turn right, continue to end of Quarter Lane to Auction.

PARTIAL LIST OF ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES: Oak kitchen cabinet, made by Ritchie Co., Lebanan, IN w/flour bin, glass knob pulls, base w/enamel top, 1- left door w/rack, 3- side drawers, bottom drawer w/metal bread bin, mint condition. Late 1920's; 3-drawer dresser w/round mirror; Oak washstand w/towel rack, 33″W, 18 1/2″D, 53″overall towel rack, 2- top drawers, 2- paneled bottom doors; Oak church bench, 10'8″ long, from Hatcher Baptist Church; Wooden churn w/top and dasher; Brass kettle, 11 1/2″ rim; Oak round dining room table w/4 chairs 41″ round repro.; Open center corner cupboard, 31″W, 69 1/2″T, repro.; 19th Century handmade basket, 24″x24″; Old pie safe, 33″W, 15″D, 58 1/2″T. 2-door top w/paneled perforated tin, bottom drawer; Old splint baskets 15″, 12″, 8 1/2″ w/handle; 4- ladderback chairs w/rush seat; Jenny Lind style full-size bed; Maple oval lamp table, 30″L, 29″H; Arm rocker w/cushioned seat; Sm. old quilting frame; Night stand w/drawer; National Biscuit Co. metal container, 13″ round, 7″H, 2-sections, hinged glass top, collectible; Shop-made iron well bucket retriever, (sm); Cast iron Dutch oven w/lid; Cast iron fry pans, 10″ and 12″ ; Sm. churn w/ears, blue pattern, 9″T, repro; China thunder jug, 11″H; 3- 19th Century slatted baskets

ALADDIN LAMP COLLECTION: Aladdin Nu-Type Mod. B lamp, glass base w/shade; Aladdin Mod. 12 nickel plated lamp, not orig. shade; Aladdin Nu-Type Mod. B lamp w/green base and white glass shade; Aladdin Nu-Type Mod. B lamp, cream short base, white glass shade; Aladdin Lamp No. 23, amber color glass base, Washington Drape Hobnail shade; Aladdin Nu-Type Mod. 13, glass base, white glass shade w/painted flower design; Old horse collar w/mirror, brass knob hames ; Sm. lamp table w/Duncan Phyfe style legs; Ass't. old collectible wooden boxes; Child's sm. metal scooter, old ; Ass't. crystal; Ass't. china; Wood frame buck saw; 5-gal. stone churn, brown top, white bottom; 2- sm. doll rockers

COLLECTIBLE REPRO ITEMS: Hull U.S.A. #197 piggy bank, brown drape w/turquoise, 9″L, 8 3/4″H; Corky Pig HPC Co. 1957 U.S.A. brown drape w/turquoise 7″L, 8 3/4″H; Hull U.S.A. #196 bank, 6 1/2″H, brown drape w/turquoise; McCoy U.S.A. #7024 brown drape cookie jar, 9″T; McCoy U.S.A. #1242 brown drape cookie jar w/handle; Hull U.S.A. cookie jar w/ears; Stone finger crock, brown and white; Cooke jar w/ears, brown and white; Hull pitcher, brown drape, 6 1/2″H

OTHER ITEMS: 1986 Toyota 4×4 pickup, flatbed, good running condition; 2- 64″ crosscut saws; 2-man ice saw, 60″L, 6″W in middle; Horse drawn hay rake; Old box feed cutter

GUN COLLECTION OF TWO INDIVIDUALS: Browning Belgium-made 12-ga. semi-auto shotgun 2 3/4″ shells, Ser. #286018 w/engraving; Charles Daly, 20 ga. semi-auto shotgun, Ser. #6206115 (made in Turkey); J.C. Higgins Mod. 20, 12 ga. pump shotgun, 2 3/4″ shells Mod. #58355; H&R Topper Mod. 158, 12 ga. full choke, single barrel shotgun, Ser. # AG282655; Remington single barrel 12 ga. shotgun, 32″ barrel Ser. #39364; T. Page Wood 12 ga. single barrel shotgun, 31″ barrel, fancy engraving, Ser. #HA-X13814M, 1800's, collectible; Smith & Wesson 38 Sp. snub nose, 6-shot revolver, nickel plated, Ser. #AAN3981; High Standard double 9, 22 cal. 9-shot revolver pearl handle grips, 6″ barrel, Ser. #825683 (w/holster); J.C. Higgins Mod. 42 SER. # dlm103273-22 mag. cal. rifle w/clip, 9 shot, Bushnell Sharpshooter scope; F. Llipietta 44 cal, black powder pistol w/holster nickel plated, 8″ barrel, Ser. #222226; Ithaca 12 ga. double barrel shotgun, Ithaca Gun Co., Ithaca, N.Y., engraved dog pattern, Ser. #242185; Winchester Mod. CTGS 32 cal. pistol, 6″ barrel, Guisasola Bros. & Co., Ser. #31008 w/holster, old; Cobray 45-410 side-by-side pistol, made in Ducktown, TN, Ser. #C00028060; Marlin Glenfield Mod. 60, 22 cal. semi-auto rifle, Ser. #69185641; Mauser 8mm rifle w/3×9 Bushnell scope, Ser. #95435, old rifle, bolt action w/clip; Thompson Encore 209×50 magnum 50 cal. black powder rifle w/3×9 Redfield scope, Ser. #586420

SILVER COIN COLLECTION (Late Kenneth Reynolds):11 Silver dollars from 1881-1924; 30- 1964 half dollars; 87- Mercury dimes; 40- half dollars, 1936-1963; Coin bank w/money, Central National Bank, Richmond, VA, no key, 4″ round, 1 5/8″H, painted green, collectible; 216- Liberty head dimes, 1948-1964; 226 quarters, 1936-1964; 26- wheat pennies; 24- buffalo nickels; Ass't. other coins, not silver; Ford 1933 80th Yr. of Progress Commemorative medal, V-8 on one side, back side Ford grill, unusual.

AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Ms. Hayes has listed her real estate for sale. This beautiful home and farm can be seen by appointment only. For an appointment to view the real estate please call Pat Martin (434) 953-6465, Agent for Better Homes & Garden Real Estate III, E.H.O. No preview of personal property. It may be viewed from 8:00 AM until auction time at 10:00 AM on day of auction.

TERMS: Cash or good check, everything sold to highest bidder.