PE School Board Clarifies Position

Published 4:55 pm Thursday, May 16, 2013

Editor, The Herald:

A recent editorial appeared to imply that in 2013 the community and the school board somehow became uninterested in funding for public education in Prince Edward. I am reluctant to speak directly for the community, but I am confident in stating the school board was far from silent on the matter. The school board engaged in several public conversations with the board of supervisors collectively, but more importantly, many of our members were actively engaged in private conversations with individual supervisors. The board remained engaged even after the supervisors solidified their intention to not raise taxes and at the school board's request an adjustment was made to the original level funding commitment. Therefore, I emphatically disagree with any suggestion that the school board was less passionate about our mission to advocate for the best resources for our schools in 2013, than it was in previous years.

Although no one chose, for a variety of reasons, to speak at the public hearing, I am confident our staff members and many within the community shared a passion similar to that of the school board. I will admit, I wish some county citizens had shared their funding desires publicly with the BOS. However, I do not believe the lack of public display reflected a lack of support for adequate school funding. To believe so, to me, would be equivalent to saying or believing that just because one does not see someone publicly mourn the loss of a loved one, does not necessarily indicate they did not mourn the loss of that loved one at all.

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While the board felt it was necessary to clarify its position in this matter, we are always appreciative of the Herald's past and continued editorial support for public education.

Russell Dove

Chairman on behalf of the

Prince Edward County School Board