PE Quarry Plans Updated

Published 4:37 pm Tuesday, May 7, 2013

PRINCE EDWARD – It has been nearly four years since County supervisors approved a special use permit with a lengthy list of conditions for Luck Stone to operate a quarry just west of Farmville off of U.S. Routes 460 and 15.

While the project seems to have remained dormant, stepping stone steps take time.

“Luck Stone anticipates that we will be applying for a mine permit with the Department of Mines Minerals and Energy (DMME) within the next 1-2 weeks,” Benjamin A. Thompson, Land Use & Development Leader for Luck Companies wrote in an April 4 letter to County supervisors. “This application will facilitate Luck's ability to begin removal of overburden material as soon as possible from the site in preparation for future mining activities. We will be providing DMME with an official application and suitable operations and drainage plans per our County Use Permit.”

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Thompson also noted, “As part of this process, we are also required to notify all landowners within 1,000 feet of the proposed permit boundary, any of whom may request a public hearing to be held and hosted by DMME. We have received indication that the DMME permitting process, as standard review, could take as long as 6-8 months before a permit would be issued.”

Thompson reported that they are also working with a local consulting engineering firm and the Virginia Department of Transportation to design and permit their commercial entrance onto Route 460.

“We anticipate the design to be complete within the next 1-2 months but we will not be constructing this complete design until or unless we have been issued a mine permit and we are ready to begin mining activities on the site,” Thompson wrote.

He also wrote, “Luck is extremely excited about our site in Prince Edward and to be part of the community.”