Lower Taxes To Help Economy

Published 3:29 pm Thursday, May 9, 2013

Editor, The Herald:

I want to know how this administration can keep pushing for higher taxes when common sense tells us that if you lower taxes businesses, especially small ones, can afford to start up. When a business hires staff, that staff person will have money to spend at his/her place of business or at the one down the street. He/she will also pay taxes on all purchases. When you make it affordable for small businesses to open up, you will share the tax burden that is now heavily on one person who is working and spread it out among many people who are working. You will see in an unbelievably short time the economy will begin to pick up. This administration's view has made entrepreneurs want to wait until the economy gets better. The economy won't get better if this administration continues on the path it's on.

Visualize this: If the economy as it stands continues with the higher taxes, people will be unable to work, unable to buy homes which will cause people to have to rent. Renters do not pay real estate taxes, personal property taxes, some don't carry renter's insurance and many of these people will become welfare recipients even if they want to work.

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Michelle Yoder