Yield At High Street Intersection

Published 3:32 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Editor, The Herald:

I'd like to write about a concern of many in the area around the intersection of High, Oak, and Griffin Streets. For some time now there has been a growing problem of drivers not yielding to oncoming traffic from High Street as they turn left onto Griffin. I travel this road at least twice a day and many times have to slam on brakes to avoid an accident with a car turning in front of me. It seems to have become sport to shoot through this intersection. While I can understand that the first in line of this turn lane can certainly make the turn with no problem, it is the second and third drivers in line that often fail to yield as well. It is becoming increasingly dangerous to come down High Street through this intersection.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this ongoing problem as I witnessed a driver come through the intersection to turn and struck a bicyclist coming toward them. The bicyclist had the right of way, but the driver failed to yield.

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At this intersection there is a solid green light to turn left on to Griffin. Until that is changed to a green arrow, that means yield to oncoming traffic. Please do so if traveling this route. The bicyclist was fortunate not to have been injured more than they were. Next time the situation may be more severe.

In the midst of this accident, I was also reminded how proud I am to live in Farmville. Everyone at the scene pulled together to help all involved. We had a rapid 911 response from Town Police and the Prince Edward Rescue Squad. A Longwood Athletic Training student was there and was amazing. She quickly reacted, assessed the situation, reassured and calmed the bicyclist, their spouse, and the driver, and reported everything to authorities. Others on the scene made calls and helped with traffic until authorities were there. It was great how everyone pulled together.

We have a great community in which to live, work and raise our families. Let us all do our part to keep it safe.

Robert Wade