Abortion? See The Baby, Hear The Heart

Published 4:01 pm Thursday, April 18, 2013

Editor, The Herald:

The Supreme Court of the United States of America, ruled, set into law the process of eliminating approximately one million unborn babies each year. The unborn can and will be murdered in the Republic of the United States of America. Let each and every one of us write to the Supreme Court at least once a month to repeat the above statement and place it in front of their eyes. How repulsive – the highest ruling officials in the USA. How can the highest ruling body of the USA, which represents you and I, a free republic, an educated people, allow the killing of unborn babies. Legal abortion enables genocide of the children of the United States of America. Not a Third World country but here in your town, city, state and country – approximately one million unborn children are murdered each year. Read how an abortion procedure is completed. The doctor/abortionist will crush a human being, the unborn child to pieces, and then remove it through the cervix. Ask the doctor if he/she will watch the procedure on film? Perhaps if she/he does they will never again perform another abortion. The doctor can/will see firsthand the heinous procedure.

If a woman could see the infant in the womb, and you can, could she kill this beautiful fully formed baby with head, arms, legs and feet, and a beating heart at only six-eight weeks old? At conception the fetus immediately begins the process of creating cells to form a heart. Is a dog or cat more important than a human? You can be prosecuted for harming an animal by shooting, kicking, starvation… But, we are idly standing by while each year another million unborn babies are murdered within the womb. The womb, a safe haven where the infant grows until ready for birth/life outside the womb.

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If you know someone who is teetering on the brink of induction, why not speak up, ask them to consider her mental and physical health and the infant (her flesh and blood). Mention an ultrasound to view the unborn. A safe house, for the mother, is available for the mother's safety, if need be. Give a helping hand to your neighbor, friend, relative or yourself. Ask for paperback books on the subject of pregnancy. See the illustrations, the size and formation of the unborn baby each month she/she grows before birth. Have an ultrasound, see the baby, hear the heart beating.

Please ask for help, there is help in each neighborhood, someone to talk with you and will show love and compassion for you and your unborn child. There is an alternative solution, you have a choice. Adoption is one choice. There is a woman and man waiting in the wings to nature and love this baby once it is born.

The choice before pregnancy is abstinence from sex outside the marriage. Abstinence must be taught in the home and church on Sunday; the lessons learned will last you all week; make it a way of life. Think of your family, your father and mother are your protectors, your siblings and home, your refuge. A child deserves a mother and father who are married and will provide stability in the home. When there is a father in the home, crime decreases, a fact; read the statistics.

Love to all and God bless the United States of America; it will stand forever if we begin to live righteously now and in the future.

I will pray, you can pray and we can teach others to pray.

Lora Jean Nedrow