VDOT Needs To Do More On Rt. 698

Published 3:28 pm Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Editor, The Herald:

Praise God nobody was seriously injured or killed in the school bus accident on Rt. 698. I have toured the scene and looked at the repairs that they will do for now, but more needs to be done in the future. The ditches are higher than the road and water is standing in the road in several places, the water can't get to the drain pipes and some appear blocked. I applauded the efforts of the school system, sheriff's department, State Police and EMS people and citizens. But especially the high school students who acted on emergency procedures and got the driver and younger children off the bus. If this had happened in Northern Virginia, there would be 10 million dollars and five contractors there the next day.

John N. Staton

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District 4 (Maysville) B.O.S.