Lady GaGa Is SPCA's March Dog of the Month

Published 4:39 pm Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Southside SPCA Field of Dreams Dog of the Month is Lady GaGa. This program of the Southside SPCA in Meherrin focuses on placing senior pets.

Lady GaGa was surrendered to the shelter on July 21, 2011. Her owner could not afford to keep her and the director, Sandy Wyatt, wouldn't let her end up in the pound.

GaGa is one of the program's younger dogs, and pictures do not do her justice. She is three or four years old. She is a striking dog with beautiful lines. Her head is reminiscent of a pharaoh hound, which many people believe was the original ancestor of all domesticated dogs. She is incredibly intelligent, but also has the stubbornness that so often goes with genius. She needs a strong and energetic hand to guide her through life. She is the definition of rambunctious and will require lots of exercise to keep her happy. Once she has worn down she will happily sit in your lap for hours.

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She does show some minor dominance in a pack environment, but in general gets along fine with other dogs. The same cannot be said for cats. She has never shown any aggression towards people; however, because of her size and energetic nature the shelter doesn't recommend she go to a home with small children.

If interested in adopting Lady GaGa or any other of the wonderful seniors fill out an application at You must be able to make an on site visit prior to adoption.