Say 'Thank You' To Firefighters

Published 3:59 pm Thursday, January 17, 2013

Editor, The Herald:

I recently had the honor of attending the annual dinner for Prospect Volunteer Fire Department. This event, hosted by the members, was such an honor to witness and be a part of. Firemen prepared and served a wonderful meal catering to the needs of guests and being the last to stop for a bite to eat. By the way, these folks were not being served an appreciation dinner by their community but had spent the time, money and effort to prepare the meal themselves. We then got to hear a recap of 2012 detailing the calls responded to and the accomplishments of the department through training and new equipment. This group works tirelessly doing fundraisers to raise money needed to buy equipment and pay for training necessary for their department. Where else do you find a group of people volunteering to protect and serve their fellow man and spending many additional hours working to raise money to fund this volunteer effort?

From my perspective, here was a group of men with jobs and families who had chosen selflessly to donate tremendous time and often place themselves in harm's way to protect and serve those in need without any thought for payment or recognition. They are such a humble group but also totally dedicated to this calling to serve their family, friends and neighbors. For most of us, there will be a time when we need them and we can rest easy knowing they are always on the ready and will be there. I would like to challenge all readers to take the time to say thank you to your local volunteer firefighters when you see them. Go beyond the raffle ticket or quart of stew you buy thinking you have done your part. Send them a thank you note. Let them know they are appreciated and most importantly pray for their safety as they continue to serve us.

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Brenda J. Robinson