Nunnally's Experience Highlighted

Published 1:53 pm Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Editor, the Herald:

This is an unsolicited letter in support of Donna Bowman Nunnally as our next Treasurer of Prince Edward County.

I have watched Donna grow up and experience life in the Rice area of this county. She has been raised with our values and understands our community. She is fair, trustworthy and a 'thinker'. But in addition to these qualities of a public servant, Donna has experience where it counts. She has worked in BOTH the Treasurer's office (9 years!) and with the PE Commissioner of Revenue. The county Treasurer is not a position to just walk into and do a good job. Experience and a working knowledge of how our finances are managed are most important.

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Our local youth voice their concerns of no job opportunities in this area. Donna Bowman Nunnally is a young woman with exceptional qualifications who has stayed and worked and developed her skills to give back to our county. Support her with your vote to become our next county Treasurer. Please vote!

Beverly Bass Hines