Flabbergasted By NRA Response

Published 2:14 pm Monday, December 31, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

Like many people I am saddened and shocked by the recent tragedy in Newtown. I am also completely flabbergasted by the response from the NRA. Our country seems to becoming more and more polarized and out of touch with reality. In the midst of a national debt crises, how can any reasonable person suggest we budget for an armed security guard in every school? I guess we can just get rid of some of those pesky educators to pay for it. And really how does this help? There is no guarantee that this would have prevented the killings in Newtown. More importantly – how did any organization gain so much power that they dictate governmental policy? I thought we the people were supposed to have that power. The rush to buy assault weapons in the aftermath of such a tragedy is also incomprehensible to me.

The argument that one more gun law won't make a difference is ridiculous. I am old enough to remember when Richmond was the murder capital of the country. This was due to the ease with which guns were available for sale. Criminals loved us. Large amounts of guns were easily purchased and sent across the country by gangs. The violence they left in their wake should not be forgotten. One law – the one handgun per month law – changed all that. Along with better background checking Richmond was made unsuitable for the illegal gun trade. So yes it can be argued that being restricted to buying one gun a month is a violation of the second amendment, but it is also clear that intelligent gun control laws protect our citizens. What a potential tragedy that this law is being considered for repeal.

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Gun owners and hunters need to speak out now for common sense. While I have heard many stories of gun owners thwarting robberies and protecting their homes and families, I have yet to hear that an assault rifle was required to do so. The second amendment is worth protecting, but so are our children.

Susan Estes