Womack Running

Published 1:29 pm Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PRINCE EDWARD -Marshall Womack has announced plans to run for Prince Edward County Treasurer in the December 11 special election.

“It is indeed an honor and a privilege to run for the office of Treasurer of Prince Edward County,” he stated in a press release. “I have friends and prior customers on both sides of the political aisles, and because I feel that the position of Treasurer is one that should serve everyone in the entire County, I have decided to run as an independent.”

The office of Treasurer, the release cited, carries with it many responsibilities:

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“*To safeguard the County's money.

“*To provide timely financial statements to the County Board of Supervisors so that they may make accurate financial decisions and know where the County stands in relation to its budgets.

“*To collect the County's taxes. This is an important function as an effective collection process will keep taxes from having to be raised.

“*To insure that the office is run in a manner to offer the utmost in prompt and courteous service while keeping the expenses of the office in check to save the taxpayers' money,” the release states.

“I am (a) native of Prince Edward County with my family having resided here for three generations. I have handled other people's monies for over thirty years as a banker, and that coupled with numerous accounting classes, certainly qualifies me as being able to safeguard the County's money.”

He also noted, “During my thirty years in banking, I have not only analyzed but also taught classes to others in how to analyze financial statements. I am expertly versed in the preparation of such statements as well as other financial reports such as budgets, etc.”

Womack offered that collections are key to keeping the tax base low in the County, and that he feels he has a great deal of experience in that area. The Treasurer's office carries with it broad powers of tax collection, he also stated, but these powers should be tempered with the experience that I have in working with individuals having financial hardship.

“I have managed up to forty employees at one time, and I have the experience to manage people, work within budgets, and analyze computer software systems to ensure efficiency in operations,” Womack said.

He added, “I believe that if you compare qualifications for this office, you will find that I am the most qualified to serve you.”

Womack further stated, “In closing, it would be a pleasure to work with my fellow citizens as your Treasurer. I pledge to you that I will go above and beyond the call of duty to run this office in a manner which will make you proud.”