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Community Supports Navy EOD Team's River Clean Up

From September 17 to 21, the United States Navy Explosive Ordinance Demolition Team (EOD Team) evaluated and cleared Farmville's neighboring waterways.

The team, which promotes the ideals and objectives of The Friends of the Appomattox River and which is sponsored by this organization, cleared obstructions such as logjams from the Appomattox River which, for example, were caused by the tornado that touched Farmville in April 2011. If left in place, the obstructions block navigation and contribute to erosion of the river banks. Reducing erosion of the riverbanks will decrease the amount of sediment entering the river, improving the health of the Appomattox River and ultimately the health of the Chesapeake Bay. This training also provides the team with real-life experience similar to clean-up work resulting from natural disasters.

The businesses and individuals providing meals to the nine member team included Country Cookin', Charley's Waterfront Cafe, ARAMARK of Longwood University, Merk's place, Southside YMCA, Gordon Johnson of Recycled Relics, Mrs. John Young, and Admiral (Ret.) and Mrs. Leonard F. Picotte. They made it possible for our servicemen to be nutritionally sustained and to enjoy the hospitality of our small town while accomplishing their work on the river.

The Southside YMCA also provided shower facilities for the servicemen, and Mel Smith of the Old Mill provided housing, while the Town of Farmville, the Farmville Police Department and the Prince Edward County Sheriff's Department provided the availability of emergency response, the use of a 911 system to alert citizens of potential blasting noise, ice from the town supply and storage of the explosive team vehicle, as well as general emergency back up.

Thanks to these individuals, businesses and municipal entities, the United States Navy Explosive Ordinance Demolition nine member team enjoyed a productive week, advanced the goals of the Friends of the Appomattox River, and our local waterways and citizenry were the direct beneficiaries.