Thoughts About November's Election

Published 4:06 pm Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

I've been listening to the president talk proudly about how he saved the car industry jobs and how the employees are working hard making new cars. Did he miss the news about how few people are working? So who does he think is going to buy these cars? How many people are actually employed in the auto manufacturing plants since so much is automated? How about the poor dealerships sitting on large inventories with a handful of sales people trying to sell them? The dealers are practically giving them away. I only graduated from high school but I'm smart enough to realize that if I don't have a job I can't buy food, let alone a car. How many public jobs were saved by helping the big banks who went bankrupt? Oh yes, the jobs employing people to work on roads and bridges employs gazillions of people doesn't it? Oh, yes, and raising taxes on people who can't find a job makes a whole lot of sense, too, in my opinion. Remember I said I only graduated from high school but I know if you don't work, you don't pay taxes and you can't buy products. If you have a job, you spend money, that product is taxed and voila, we improve the economy!

There's talk about some states not requiring or wanting to require state ID cards. When I lived in OH and worked in a department store, state ID cards were used in place of a driver's license for persons that didn't drive or were too old or sick to be safe to drive. They just identified them as a resident of our state for cashing checks and also identified them as a US resident. In my opinion, the only reasonable reason for NOT wanting to use a state ID is to hide where you either came from or live or who you are. You are required to show a driver's license to purchase liquor, to enter certain places such as bars so if you don't have a state ID (with your picture on it) how can you prove anything? Does this really make sense? It does if you just want votes for your candidate no matter whether they are legal or not. How sad is it to cause someone to win an election with fraudulent names? Beware of acting smug!!! If you do this you deserve who you get elected in this manner and you may find out later that you regret getting that particular candidate elected because of his/her actions in governing this country. But then it will be too late.

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There's so much outrage about how women might lose their rights to do as they wish about their own bodies such as having an abortion. Don't people realize that if a woman actually sees, by way of an ultrasound, what she's planning to abort by cutting it up, she might not do it? Her child could be a person that might become a president, an astronaut who goes to Mars and beyond, or a scientist who invents the cure for cancer. There are so many childless couples wanting to conceive their own child and can't that it really angers them to see someone so selfish “who will cut up a living being” that they could have adopted and raised to become a president, the astronaut who goes to Mars or beyond or the inventor of the cure for cancer. And of course, for Christians, the act of the abortion itself is the actual “outrage”.

Please think. carefully when you vote in November.

Michelle Yoder