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Reader Fears Obama's Reelection

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The Farmville Herald

Editor, The Herald:

In less than six weeks, America will go to the polls and decide the direction of the country for at least a generation. Most polls show the two candidates dead even. However, the positions of the competing parties could not be more different.

In less than four years, the Obama administration has taken our country very far to the left, raising our national debt from an already frightening 10 trillion dollars to the staggering sum of 16 trillion dollars. That is a larger increase than the total debt of ALL of our previous administrations, all the way back to George Washington. They have nationalized the banking system and the auto industry, doubled the number of Americans getting food stamps, told American manufacturers where they could or could not build new plants, and slashed the defense budget to the point where our military forces will be the smallest they have been since 1950. In their most egregious action, they forced the Catholic Church to provide birth control products through their medical service organizations. Whatever happened to the liberals' devotion to “the separation of church and state?”

America has survived, and prospered for 236 years because it was STRONG. Strong financially, and strong militarily. The current administration has purposefully worked to weaken our country, while Mr. Obama travels around the world bowing and apologizing to leaders of countries that we have propped up for years with our incredibly generous military and financial aid. To say that the actions of the Obama administration are anti-American is to state the obvious. Given his background-raised by a Muslim step-father, then by grandparents who were members of the American Communist party, mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, preached to for 20 years by Reverend Wright-it's a small wonder that he has no love for this country. What is a wonder is that he convinced enough people that he wanted to improve the lives of all Americans that he managed to become President. Let us hope that many of those who voted for him in 2008 have had the scales drop from their eyes and now see him for what he is-a dictator who, if allowed to hold office for four more years, will do his best to turn America into the world's next socialist state.

At this moment, the Obama administration (or, more appropriately, “gang”) isn't able to run on their record, so they spend millions of dollars each day demeaning the Republican candidate. Mr. Romney seems to be a decent man, with a proven track record as a creative manager of a number of enterprises. He may not have much experience in foreign policy, but he has more than Obama had when he took office. Romney professes a deep love for America, and we know just about everything about him going back to his high school days. We can't say the same for Mr. Obama.

To paraphrase Mrs. Obama, for the first time in my life, I am afraid for the future of my country.

I read on the internet that one of Mr. Obama's wealthy Chicago supporters has made a down payment on a luxurious estate in Hawaii for the Obama family to retreat to if he is not re-elected. Can it be that they sense a change in the wind? For America's sake, I hope so.

John Jamieson