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Customers Also Built Your Business

Editor, The Herald:

Much has been written about President Obama's comment, taken out of context, that “you didn't build your business.” While the intent of the statement was misconstrued for political purposes, it is nonetheless accurate.

The business owner may have chosen the service or products to provide and the location in which to house it. For this, he or she has reason for pride. But lest they fall over backwards patting themselves on their backs, they should remember the most important component of their success…their customers.

Every business owner should kiss the feet of any customer, who walks through their doors. Your customers helped you build your business. You did not achieve this on your own. It would be nice to see some appreciation of this fact with better customer service. It, too, at one time was a matter of company pride but is now all but extinct.

So, perhaps those business owners, whose noses were put of joint by President Obama's statement, should pack away their fragile egos (or ship them to China) and humbly thank their customers. For truly, you did not build your business on your own.

Yolanda Marton