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Sunsets In Summer

The sun is setting on the summer.

Yep, the end to this hot and dry summer is coming fast so don't be caught off-guard when you find yourself catching that last sunset before the kids go back to school or that last sunset of this year's summer vacation-it's going to happen. It's a fact. I'm sure you didn't read it here first but make it count. There have been plenty of school reminders and calendars sent home already, I'm sure.

But back to the sunset-watch it from the beginning to the end. Watch it until it's completely gone. Watch it until the “pancake” like flatness has faded and the orange glow has disappeared. Oh, and don't take your eyes off of it…not even for a second. If you do, it will be gone and you'll have to wait until tomorrow to catch the next sunset and I'm telling you that will be too long to wait.

These are the last lazy days of summer. We should be taking in every moment of sunshine and chasing a field's worth of lightening bugs, or counting all the stars in the evening sky while sitting in a lounge chair with music playing. Yep, that's how I envision my summers. Definitely not all of my evenings are spent this way but on a rare occasion I do get the chance to live out my lazy day summer fantasies and enjoy the careless summer lifestyle and they are great.

Lately, because all the short-lived storms keep going down the river, I've been too busy toting the water hose around watering everything to just sit and smell my petunias. I'm trying to keep them from wilting instead of watching them blow in the breeze but nevertheless I've got the right idea.

Soon the days will be turning and summer will be start to fade. The grind will quickly start back. There will be bedtimes, school buses to catch, and homework to do. I know it's hard to believe but it's true. I'm telling you.

So here's what my little family's going to do and I hope yours does too! Don't forget to bottle this summer up. Place things to remember these summer days by in a vase, glass jar, or bottle so when the cool days of fall arrive or the blustery days of winter blow in you'll be ready. You can wiggle your fingers down into your jarred trip down memory lane and feel the shells from the beach, the rocks from the lake, or the treasures from summer camp.

They'll be there waiting for you!