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Let The Sandy River Reservoir Host Olympic Events

Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality has issued a Drought Watch for Prince Edward County, Farmville, Buckingham, Cumberland, and other Appomattox River communities.

According to DEQ's website, “Drought Watch responses are generally responses that are intended to increase awareness in the public and private sector to climatic conditions that are likely to precede the occurrence of a significant drought event. During this drought stage, the primary activities that are suggested are to prepare for the onset of a drought event. It is unlikely that significant water use reductions will occur at this stage, although it is possible that the increased public awareness of water conservation activities may reduce water use up to five percent.”

Recommended responses for a Drought Watch, DEQ continues, include “review and be prepared to implement Drought Response and Contingency Plans at the appropriate time. Participate, as appropriate, in regional and local coordination for the management of water resources. Stay informed on drought conditions and advisories.”

And pray that your community doesn't proceed to the Drought Warning and then Drought Emergency stages.

What DEQ doesn't touch on, in the case of our own community, is capitalizing on the Olympics this summer to offer Great Britain use of the Sandy River Reservoir for appropriate athletic competitions.

The reservoir, after all, isn't doing much of anything else and it would be an absolute pity to let so much water go to waste.

Yes, the reservoir is just sitting there doing nothing much more than reflecting the burning sun-unless you count being ideally set up to attract the attention of localities to the east.

Localities worried about their own water supplies.

Localities wondering about some day building a pipeline to the reservoir to provide their own community with a drought-proof water supply.

The Sandy River Reservoir is, after all, a drought-proof water supply.

The water will be a life-saving, community-savior in the future. But for whom?

Oh, shucks, why dwell on that inevitability-made even more inevitable with Virginia's new statewide approach to drought management and water resources.

Why fixate and grow anxious about our future when the time is perfect to lend that idle Sandy River Reservoir water to the British for the Olympics?

Rule Britannia!

There are several Olympic competitions perfectly suited to the Sandy River Reservoir. Specifically, a variety of canoeing, rowing, and sailing events.

So let's not worry about securing the Sandy River Reservoir for our own community. Let's be real.

Host Olympic events.

We may never have another chance.

Somebody, some day, will make the reservoir off-limits to the Olympics because their community will be drinking that water.