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Daily Bread Gets Cumberland Space

CUMBERLAND – There's one less empty building in Cumberland County and needed office space for The Daily Bread, Inc. has been secured. The building, previously utilized by the Department of Social Services in the courthouse area, will now be leased between Cumberland County and Cumberland's Meal on Wheels, Inc. for the purpose of assisting in the operations of The Daily Bread, Inc., according to information presented during the Board of Supervisors meeting this month.

The lease is for $800 per month, according to County Administrator Vivian Giles.

She explained the terms to the board on Tuesday, August 13. The board also held a public hearing on the leasing matter. The property is located at 1550 Anderson Highway.

The Daily Bread, according to Ms. Giles, wishes to utilize the building in Cumberland mainly for office space.

The Daily Bread is a nutritional program for senior citizens. It serves seven counties and Cumberland is one of those counties that benefits from the organization. The others include Ameila, Buckingham, Charlotte, Lunenburg, Nottoway, and Prince Edward.

The details of the lease agreement are, according to Giles, that it's for a period of 12 months and that it “shall renew under the same terms and conditions on each anniversary date for four consecutive one-year terms, except that the landlord or tenant may terminate the lease prior to any anniversary date by giving a minimum of 60 days written notice of the intent to terminate…”

The supervisors unanimously approved the lease agreement between the County and Meals on Wheels for the purpose of providing office space to The Daily Bread.

Piedmont Area Transit

Since the board reinstated full funding to the Piedmont Area Transit earlier this summer, a bus route schedule has been created and submitted to Cumberland County, according to Ms. Giles.

The schedule was presented to the supervisors for review.

The funding allocation to Piedmont Area Transit was originally left out of the 2012-2013 fiscal year budget.

Piedmont Area Transit travels throughout the region four times a day, according to the schedule, and passengers only have to pay 50 cents per ride. The service assists shut-ins and those in need with transportation to doctor visits, employment, and the grocery store.

The Blackstone Area Bus System operates the Piedmont Area Transit.

After reviewing the proposed route for Cumberland, Supervisor Lloyd Banks, District Two, voiced his concerns related to District Two needing additional stops along the route.

Ms. Giles noted that she would relay the comments to the Blackstone office.

“I have some stops in my district that I'd like to have some stops as well…,” said Banks. “What I don't want to see is taxpayer dollars geared towards transporting certain individuals from one location to another and if we're going to provide services for one group of individuals we need to provide services for all individuals or a variety of groups of individuals…”

“I have seniors in my district that would like access to Farmville as well,” he added.

Citizen Request

In other board action, the supervisors tabled a request made by Margaret Atkinson concerning water taps on three lots on Foster Road.

Ms. Atkinson requested in writing that a waiver be provided for the water connection fees for two lots on Foster Road.

The board asked that the County Administrator research this matter further and bring additional information back to the September meeting for consideration.

According to a letter in the board's packet, Ms. Atkinson originally requested in writing a water tap request in 2010.

Update On Projects

According to Greg Baka's, director of community and economic development, report, Crossroads Services is pursing an expansion project.

Baka said the contractor has submitted building plans to construct two additional housing units. The new units would be located just east of the two existing housing units. Crossroads is located at Route 45 and Jamestown Road.

According to Baka, Crossroads does pay real estate taxes to the County.

“…The County is likely to accrue additional tax revenue from this expansion project,” he said. “They would like to start construction in September or October.”

In other news, Buggs Island Telephone will be providing wireless broadband services to residential and business customers soon in Cumberland, Baka noted.

“…In September the company is looking to identify beta testers who would like to test the service at their home,” he offered.

He later provided the contact information; interested citizens may contact Buggs Island Telephone at (434)689-6300 to inquire about the service.

Baka offered updated information on the proposed ABC store for Cumberland.

“Virginia Department of ABC continues to work on the paperwork for a lease for an ABC Store here in the County,” he offered. The site identified for the store is the vacant area behind the Dixie Dream on Route 60.

The store's site plan was recently submitted to Cumberland's Planning and Zoning Office for review. Citizens can review the plan by visiting the County's Facebook page or at the Planning and Zoning Office.

Baka also reminded the board about the Farmers Market. The market is located at Fitzgerald Baptist Church and is open every Wednesday from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m., he said.

“The public is invited and encouraged to attend on Wednesdays and support our local farmers, growers, and crafters,” he provided.

County Business

In other County business, the Board approved the request from the Department of Social Services for the appropriation of $192.60 from the surplus auction proceeds.

Water and Sewer Advisory Committee appointments were also made. Supervisors reappointed Doris Brown, District Three; Roger Hatcher, District Four; and Lester Nyce, District Five. All of the terms expired in March 2011, Ms. Giles said, but the members had been serving in the same capacity. District One's seat is still vacant, according to information provided.

The County Administrator's report included the year-end budget transactions, which were approved. The draft budget and capital improvements calendar for the upcoming budget cycle were also presented. It was also adopted.

According to the presented budget calendar, the Director of Finance begins the budget instruction and estimate forms in November.

Gary Heiser, Cumberland State Forest manager, presented the County's payment from the Department of Forestry. The payment was in the amount of $56,435.45.

Afterwards, Supervisor Bill Osl, District One, thanked Cumberland's forestry office for the work they do to preserve Cumberland's state forest.

“Thanks for the job that you do on the forest. We really appreciate it,” he said. “…It's a great asset.”

Heiser also introduced Shannon Lewis to the board. Lewis is taking over as Cumberland's new state forest manager, Heiser said.

Board Comments

Chairman David Meinhard ended the meeting and said, “We are here to serve Cumberland County. I think all of us are united in our goal to serve Cumberland County but we need input from the people in the county as to what we can do and what we need to do to serve you.”