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New Courses Being Offered

CUMBERLAND – Students in Cumberland County Public Schools will now have the opportunity to choose between two foreign languages. The addition, recently approved by the Cumberland School Board, was welcomed with open arms.

The foreign language addition will join a few other new courses that will take effect for the new school year. The Cumberland School Board approved the new courses, which were recommended by Superintendent Dr. Amy Griffin, this month.

Cumberland's first day for students is Wednesday, August 8.

According to information provided, the Middle School is set to begin offering a new course related to nature, and German I and II will be offered at the High School.

An additional “green” course will also be available to students at the High School.

Learning from Nature, a new middle school course, will consist of an introduction to the plant systems and will be offered at the Middle School for high school credit. During the course, according to the information provided, students will be exposed to principals of leadership and agricultural opportunities.

Due to recent budget constraints, the school division had only been able to offer Spanish as a foreign language.

School Board member George Lee Dowdy III said, “I just applaud Dr. Griffin and her team for getting a second foreign language for the school system. Thank you very much.”

Green Building Design, a new course at the High School, will provide in-depth discovery of green building strategies. Students will be able to test for certification in building design while participating in this course.

“This is in addition to the current pathway that we've already established at the high school level,” noted Chair Ginger Sanderson.