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Carrington, Herald Coverage Applauded

Editor, The Herald:

I am writing to thank you for noting in the paper Bridget Carrington's performances on the television show Duets. I appreciated the updates, which also served to remind me about when the show would be coming on. Ms. Carrington sang beautifully; I thought that she gave the best performance of all the amateurs on the “Finale" show, even though she wasn't competing any more at that point.

Overall, she represented her family, as well as our part of Virginia, very well-as the judges kept saying, she was a “classy lady”! Congratulations to Ms. Carrington and her family and also to her PECHS teachers and mentors, and thanks once more to The Farmville Herald for running articles about the success of this lovely and talented representative of our community.

Elizabeth J. Deis


(Editor's note: Thank you for reading, and please see today's front page for an interview with Carrington)