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Buckingham Children's Art Camp Praised

Editor, The Herald:

I was recently a part of the Buckingham Community Arts Center Children's Art Camp which is held each year the week after the fourth of July for children ages seven-14. It was started 32 years ago by Charlene Snoddy.

This year the camp was wonderful! It was well organized by Annie Mulder and her staff, which included several teen team leaders who helped the children go from one class or activity to the next. The children attending the week-long day camp were exposed to and experienced a variety of arts and activities which included; Ballroom dancing, music, modern dance, photography, drawing, pastel, polymer clay, pottery, tie dye and painting (watercolor and acrylic).

On the final day of camp the children's artwork is displayed and they present a song and dance program. The festivities concluded this year with a cookout prepared by Robbie Mulder.

As an instructor I had an enjoyable week working with these young people and I wanted to let the public know what a wonderful opportunity the Buckingham Arts Camp is for the young people in the area. “Thank you” to Charlene Shoddy for starting it 32 years ago and continuing to sponsor it and “thank you” to Annie Mulder for all her hard work in organizing it this year.

Rev. Salina Sawtelle