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Honoring Herald Area Three Sport Athletes

Last summer, The Farmville Herald began what we hope is a tradition that lives on as long as The Herald, itself.

We recognized some special student athletes that used to be quite common in smaller schools – the three sport athlete.

As we cited then, and repeat now, the three sport athlete, even in the smallest of schools, is becoming a thing of the past.

Today, many students choose to participate in one particular sport. And really, who can blame them?

There are so many things that can, and do, pull students in so many directions, and that a select few athletes have committed to play three (or in some instances, four) sports, is truly a sacrifice to one's self and one's school.

Three (or in some instances, four) sacrifices.

There is a misconception that multi-sport athletes are in school just to play sports. If that turns out to be the motivation for some, then good for them. In the end, they're in school and not somewhere else, wandering up and down the road.

They're also learning the true meaning of the word “commitment”. Along the way, they'll also learn it's a noun.

Fortunately, that stereotype is not the usual case. The same drive and determination to excel in sports for these student athletes is shown time and again in the classroom.

A lot of these names you see today, also appear on the honor roll lists that run on some other page in this paper.

Three sport students must budget their time in a manner that accommodates practice, games, academic work, family life, social life, church, travel sports, sleep, and in some cases, a job.

Many of these athletes, especially the seniors, are also team captains. It's fitting, as most should be held as an example for the rest of the team. Simply put, they're leaders. It's a lot to have on one plate, but they somehow manage to do it.

Again, like last year, we thank the athletics directors at all four of our area schools for helping us with this project. Missy Shores (Buckingham), Matt Pearman (Cumberland), Frances Moore (Fuqua School athletics secretary), and Rodney Kane (Prince Edward).

We made every effort to include these deserving athletes on their respective lists.

If a name gets left off, it's probably not because the ADs forgot to include it. It's likely just the fault of the typesetter (the same guy whose name appears at the top of this column).

The three-sporter will continue to become more and more rare, until they all but disappear.

Hopefully, it means more students are participating in sports, and not that fewer sports are being offered. Until then, we will continue to recognize these folks – the epitome of the term “student athlete”.

Note: If a name has inadvertently been left off, we still want to recognize him or her. Feel free to contact the sports department, and We'll rectify the situation as soon possible.