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Thank You, Prince Edward Elementary

Editor, The Herald:

It seems like yesterday we came to kindergarten registration at Prince Edward County Elementary School. Now as we start a new journey at Prince Edward County Middle School I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful teachers, staff and students that have made this a positive experience for my daughter, Maddie, and myself.

Maddie has had many excellent opportunities throughout the five years at the Elementary School. Bookworms, TAG, and AR Lab are just a few examples. I would also like to say thank you to Ms. Layne, and all the staff in the office that have always shown patience and been extremely helpful.

Maddie has been very fortunate to have teachers like Mrs. Bobenrieth, Mrs. Stracke, Mrs. Agee, Ms. Webber, Ms. Norton, Mrs. Lee, and Miss Booker. These teachers truly care and gave their all every day to ensure my daughter got a great education. Now she has what she needs to “survive” middle school.

As we leave the Elementary School we want to say, “Thank you for a great five years!” and personally I want to say “Thank you for taking such great care of my little girl. “

Toni Wood