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Photo Of Old Madison Place Sought

Editor, The Herald:

I am searching for a pre-1950s photograph of the house on “the old Madison place.” This house was purchased by Elisha Woodfin in the early 1800s from the descendants of William Randolph II who obtained the land by a grant from King George. The house was lived in until the early 1950s. Some older inhabitants of Farmville may remember Elisha Madison driving his buggy up the streets of town in the 1940s. He never owned a car. This was fairly unusual even at that time.

At present only one large chimney and part of the roof remains. There are enormous oaks in the front yard and a path shaded by boxwood “trees” leads to the house place. The house was not included in the Virginia Historical survey that was made in the 1930s. The house never had electricity or running water but was very well constructed. The rafters are mortised and the remaining chimney is very large and just as square as the day it was built.

The location is on a hilltop along the Appomattox River in Cumberland County just across the river from the location of Jamestown. This site is more than a mile from any public road. If you have a photograph that could be copied by computer, please contact Woodfin Ligon, 918 River Road, Farmville, Va. 23901

Woodfin Ligon