YouTube Or You Tube?

Published 3:28 pm Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting away from it all gets more difficult every day.

Finding a moment of privacy seems virtually impossible. We are less alone with our thoughts than ever before. Even when we go for a walk our cell phones tug us away from those moments of quiet contemplation that so feed the soul. Mentally, we know the cell phone is there and can ring at any moment. We carry the office around with us. We can't see the four walls, but they are there.

We stay in touch with so many people through our social media technology that we risk losing touch with ourselves, and our natural surroundings.

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And forget privacy. Everybody's cell phone is a movie camera. Each of us is just moments away from becoming a YouTube video if we goof up in public.

From time to time, and for our own health, we simply must turn our gadgets off and disconnect ourselves from the hive, leaving the droning technological buzz behind us.

With so many state parks and trails within such close proximity excuses flee like dry leaves in a strong wind. A few feet off Main Street in Farmville we can find ourselves on High Bridge Trail State Park. The Sarah Terry Trail around Wilck's Lake is just off West Third Street. Take a sandwich out to lunch and show it a good time.

Spring is here. There are rivers and ridges waiting.

Leave YouTube behind. Go tubing instead.