'Saddened, Emotional And Devastated' In Gold Hill

Published 3:29 pm Thursday, April 5, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

This letter is regarding the current situation the New Canton/ Arvonia “Gold Hill” Area of Buckingham County is faced with, and, more specifically, the meeting that was held at the school last Thursday March 22, 2012. Yet again, the powers that be have decided to close, in my opinion, the gem of Buckingham, Gold Hill Elementary School.

It seemed this meeting was a cut-and-dry event before it even commenced and this decision finalized before we, the residents, even had knowledge of it. We are told there is not enough money in the budget to continue running this school. The operational costs are $567,000 per year – seemingly higher than the other schools – and the County is facing a deficit. Where is the $1,079,105 in Virginia Lottery proceeds going? According to the 2011 Fiscal Report as provided from the Virginia Department of Education, that is the amount of money that was allocated to Buckingham County. Adding insult to injury, our own elected officials from our district chose not to be present at the meeting. We sure were there for them when they needed us – on election day – but they were not willing to support us in our time of need. County Supervisor Monroe Snoddy and School Board Representative David Christian should have been there to support their constituents.

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We are saddened, emotional and devastated at the thought of losing our beloved school, filled with the most amazing, passionate, dedicated and caring bunch of teachers, aid and support staff, and losing the sense of security and community this school has been able to provide. We feel sold out. We are residents, homeowners and taxpayers in Buckingham. We deserve a say, a vote and a school!

Wanda Albrecht

Gold Hill