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Rain Barrels Workshop Set For May 7

The Peter Francisco Soil and Water District and Virginia Cooperative Extension are offering a rain barrel workshop on Monday, May 7, at the Buckingham Agricultural Center at 5 p.m. The workshop will start off with a small informational presentation on groundwater recharge and runoff. After the presentation, registered participants will be able to assemble their own rain barrel or purchase pre-assembled barrels. These black plastic 55 gallon barrels are waiting to become part of your landscaping plan.

If you want to conserve water or even lower water costs, a rain barrel is just one step in promoting environmental conservation practices. A rain barrel collects and stores rainwater from your rooftop to use later for things like lawn and garden watering and washing pets. A barrel will save water during peak summer months for use outdoors instead of paying a higher water bill or using your well and electricity.

Pre-registration is required. The cost for make-your-own barrels is $30 each; the cost of pre-made barrels is $35 each; and connector kits (for connecting two barrels together) are $5 each. There are only 35 barrels available and this is the last workshop before prices go up.

To reserve your barrel(s) contact the Buckingham Extension Office at (434) 969-4261. Questions may also be directed to the Peter Francisco Soil and Water Conservation District at (434) 983-SWCD.

This program is offered to all on a non-discriminatory basis.