High Bridge Speaks Best For Itself

Published 3:58 pm Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Those who have gone to see for themselves what High Bridge means to High Bridge Trail State Park clearly understand that the bridge is one of those exceptions.

A picture is not worth a thousand words.

A photograph cannot venture within 165 miles of coming close to providing an authentic notion of what it means to stand in the middle of the bridge, soaking in the moment through your eyes, your ears, and your soul. All of your senses are engaged upon that bridge, which will call you back again to experience the ephemeral, inarticulate meaning, which differs from individual to individual.

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Each time of day and each season of the year will color your mind's palette in ways unique to your own imagination.

The temptation for some, one suspects, may be to create a three-mile walk along High Bridge Trail State Park by repeatedly crossing the bridge, over and over again until its 2,400 feet combine for the desired distance.

High Bridge was worth waiting for.