Yes, County Funding Of Moton Museum Is Critical

Published 3:36 pm Thursday, March 8, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

From our earlier discussions, I am aware of the thrust of your editorial comments in today's paper regarding Prince Edward County's continuing support to the Robert Russa Moton Museum. I would like to associate myself with your remarks.

Closing the County's public school system over a half-century ago rather than welcoming students of all races still lingers like a dark shadow over our community. But while we cannot change history nor erase the mistakes of the past, we can redeem them. With the thoughtful support of many loyal Americans in many walks of life, that is exactly what we are doing. This, of course, includes-in the first rank-the Board of Supervisors of Prince Edward County, who are to be commended for their yearly support to the Moton Museum.

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You are spot on in emphasizing the criticality of the County's continuing this public support on an annual basis-at a rate adjusted to inflation.

This is another opportunity to demonstrate what American basic ideals and core values are all about.

Samuel V. Wilson

Lieutenant General, US Army-Retired

President Emeritus

Hampden-Sydney College