What Have Democrats Given Us?

Published 2:45 pm Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

I was very disappointed in the article printed in the Herald last Wednesday. You claimed that America deserves a better G.O.P. candidate. Now, as we all know we are entitled to our own opinion that is not up for debate. What is up for debate is how you used that opinion. We all know the job of a newspaper revolves around two things with one essential goal. Those are to be accurate in delivering the news, and to persuade people, all while selling for profit. Liberal bias in the media is nothing new, as there is conservative bias as well. Yet to sit there and act as if the men of the GOP race are worthless candidates is a slap in the face.

What have the Democrats given the American people? This President has spent more money in one term than the last three combined. (This after pledging fiscal responsibility) His administration continues to give foreign aide to Pakistan, whose secret intelligence services, use that money to kill Americans. The President also shoved Obamacare through the Congress, after the American people overwhelmingly didn't want it. (A lot of polls show this to be true.)

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Instead of fixing the problems of this country this President, has blamed George W. Bush, Europe, and the Republican Party and everyone or thing short of Mickey Mouse for his shortfalls. Yet his predecessors Reagan, and Clinton managed to get things done for this country with a congress that was indifferent to their ideas. I'm sorry but this boils down to leadership, communication, and willingness to compromise, which clearly President Obama lacks, or is uninterested in engaging. So instead of picking apart the G.O.P. and downplaying the candidates as inferior options take a look at The President of The United States. If we look at his record in spending, Foreign policy, Domestic policy he just doesn't have the gumption to get it done. Reagan, Roosevelt, Clinton rallied this nation with their voices, their tact, and their leadership. Obama simply cannot do that. So don't you think we deserve a better President?

Dustin L. Meadows

Prince Edward