Scam Alert

Published 4:04 pm Thursday, March 1, 2012

FARMVILLE – The Prince Edward County Sheriff's Office has recently received reports of phone, mail and computer scams, according to “scam alert” issued by the department.

According to Sheriff Wesley Reed, these scams prey on the elderly. “Most of these scams start out with you being notified that you have won a type of lottery or sweepstakes…It is important to remember that you have not entered any lottery or sweepstakes,” Sheriff Reed's press release said.

The callers, it continued, are requesting that individuals send a cashier's check, Western Union, or blank money order to a certain address. Then they say that once they receive your cashier's check, Western Union or blank money order they will then send you your winnings.

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“These false winnings can range from $5,000 to in the millions,” the sheriff 's release stated.

“In these difficult financial times we are quick to think that this is wonderful and true. But more than likely it is a scam,” Sheriff Reed's announcement continued. “Remember, that if it is too good to be true then it probably is.”

The sheriff's department is asking that those who receive such calls take notes of any information that the callers provide, whether it be via phone or in print, and notify local law enforcement.

Some scams are coming via the internet.

The Department's Captain Richard Hurak spoke with FBI agents in Richmond and Washington, D.C. and they reported the importance of keeping records to track the different types of scams, the sheriff noted.

“Please be aware that scam artists can be smooth talkers and will try anything they can to convince you to send them money. Please do not fall for the smooth talkers or allow them to make you a victim,” the sheriff's department pleads.