Principal Reassignment

Published 5:20 pm Thursday, March 22, 2012

CUMBERLAND – Cumberland County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Amy Griffin issued a letter on Tuesday stating that there will be a reassignment of principals for the 2012-2013 school year.

According to the letter from Superintendent Dr. Griffin, Mark Mabey, current Middle School principal, will move and assume responsibilities as Elementary School Principal; Jeff Dingeldein current High School principal, will take over the leadership role at the Middle School; and Jeff Scales, current Elementary School principal, will move up to the High School as principal effective July 1.

“These reassignments are based on a review of the needs of the school division,” states Dr. Griffin in the letter, “each individual school, and strengths of the administration currently on staff. As we work towards providing a more rigorous curriculum for our students that prepares them with 21st Century learning skills necessary to be successful in today's world, it is imperative that we continue to strive for improved vertical alignment throughout the division.”

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Dr. Griffin provided to The Herald information on Tuesday afternoon stating that the current assistants at each of the schools would remain the same for the upcoming year and that the changes were not related to testing.

She offered, “…The reassignments are not due to testing but related to trying to move the division forward in teaching 21st Century Learning Skills as well as matching each school's needs with the strengths of each administrator. We are working on vertical alignment of 21st Century Learning Skills through project based learning as well as critical thinking and problem solving activities. The three principals' experiences and background will assist in preparing students for the next level.”

According to Dr. Griffin, Mabey “will bring a solid secondary experience to the elementary school that will help guide the staff as they work on curriculum that prepares students to be successful middle school students. Over the past five years, he has led his staff in achieving Full Accreditation at the middle school and in earning a national middle school award. His knowledge and implementation of the school improvement initiatives such as Making Middle Grades Work will be an asset to Cumberland Elementary School.”

Dingeldein, according to Dr. Griffin, “will come to Cumberland Middle School with knowledge of what middle school students need in order to be successful at the high school level. He has been the high school principal for three and a half years and was the middle school assistant principal for a year and a half. He is very knowledgeable of the middle school curriculum and in the areas of secondary instruction. He has assisted in leading the high school to improved graduation rates.”

Dr. Griffin noted Scales' reputation in the letter and stated, “He has the reputation of being a strong disciplinarian and a good role model for students and staff, as well as having excellent relationships with students, parents, and community members.

He will be moving to Cumberland High School.

“He also has ten years of experience as a high school assistant principal and has held the position of athletic director in previous years. His secondary experiences and knowledge will be an asset to Cumberland High School,” she stated.