Kidney Donor Is Sought

Published 4:19 pm Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Editor, The Herald:

The Adkins Family Needs Your Help!

Once Again, we are seeking help through the media, the internet, friends, etc. to locate a person willing to donate one healthy kidney to save Paul's life. In early 2010, Paul was diagnosed with FSGS; a very aggressive kidney disease. This disease has now progressed to Stage V, end stage renal. Consequently, in July 2011 Paul started peritoneal dialysis at home; which sustained him for awhile. Unfortunately, in October 2011 complications almost cost him his life. Paul was in ICU nearly the entire month of October with peritonitis, sepsis, and respiratory failure. But, by the grace of God he survived all of this. Paul is now receiving hemo dialysis at home five days a week. This has been a terrible ordeal for Paul and his family, but they remain optimistic that a donor will come forward, be a perfect match and Paul will receive his much needed transplant.

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Our search thus far has brought forward quite a few people interested in donating a kidney to Paul; but for one reason or another (health issues, different blood type, etc.), but never producing a donor for Paul. That's why we were forced to extend our search last year to Florida, because of a program that they offered there but not here in Virginia. The paired donor exchange program. The program offers incompatible living donor/recipient pairs an option to exchange with another pair, creating two or more, new compatible matches. We are very optimistic about this program. As it does not limit us to one blood type. During Paul's illness he was taken off the active list in Florida, so this slowed things down quite a bit. He is now on active status which means he can receive a kidney once a donor is found.


To Be A Donor:

You must be willing and in good health, have 0 Blood for the tradition living donor, any blood type for the paired donor exchange, and be between the ages of 18 and 70.

Please contact Shirley Adkins @ 804-492-4309 if you would like to donate a kidney to save Paul's Life.