Competing In the Gas Games

Published 3:28 pm Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I know I'm not alone when I say I've been caught up by The Hunger Games craze.

I'm with you, I certainly didn't expect this either. I never thought I'd be so interested in a few teenagers but, oh my goodness, am I hooked!

Team Edward or Team Jacob never swooned me enough to catch on to their vampire madness and neither did Harry Potter and his magical spells. So this whole thing has caught me by surprise but instead of feeling like I'm living in the arena fighting for my life lately-I feel like I'm literally living “The Gas Games” instead.

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The arena is here, right here. This place we call home and “the game” is finding the cheapest gas or catching a place to fill up, at least, before it jumps another 10 cents over night!

I'm living “The Gas Games” and I'm just trying to survive.

It's good that I'm all caught up with all the things I need to make it back home during such an event as this…

I just hope to make it through the challenge and get a fill up without getting burnt or stung by crazy and jacked up killer wasps all under $100 every time I pull in.

It's a struggle, I tell ya!

The other day I even drove all the way to my house, which is in the middle of nowhere, and let my tank almost run dry just to switch vehicles with my other half so he could drive it towards his work (in another county) the next morning where there's cheaper gas. Talk about trying to win the game!

I wasn't about to give in. I was going to win that day's price battle and I did.

Nope, that sneaky hovercraft wasn't going to get me that day and even if it had it better have been running off unleaded instead of something “alternative” or a battery-that's all I have to say!

I guess, “the odds were in my favor” for that day…

But more than likely, an uprising is a coming!