Just A Pinning!

Published 4:07 pm Thursday, February 23, 2012

Okay, new and exciting website that's claiming to be my online “pinboard” of ideas and future projects; I'm stronger than you think.

Listen up, all you “pinners” out there. I'm more creative on my own than this site gives me credit for.

I'm also very capable of reverting back to my old “creative” and “crafty” ways without your “pinteresting” indulgent-guided pins of interest.

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You see I was using my old (they really are antiques) mason jars with the marble top lids for things such as indoor lanterns and vases for flowers long before I discovered your creative juices on the World Wide Web.

Pinterest is a pinboard-styled social photo sharing website that seems to have finally caught on around here. I've got a few “followers” and the site allows users to create and manage themed collections of ideas and inspirations.

Now, I might not have thought of actually turning my mason jars into soap dispensers (what a great idea) but they have made a good cookie jar once or twice in this Harris house.

See, let me state again, I find interesting uses for things all on my own.

In January of this year, it was reported, that the site had 11.7 million unique users.

And…hmm…let me see. I also have used salvaged wood to make signs before. For those of you at the church fall festival last year, those were some good-looking signs directing you to the picture area and the cakewalk. Weren't they?

See I'll admit it…I didn't need an online pinboard for those ideas.

This girl came up with them all on my own.

Again, told you, I was creative all by myself.

No pinterest website needed here that was until I discovered it.

And now I need it…

Can't live without it.

And need to find recipes to cook off of it.

I've suddenly lost my own recipes and can't make dinner without it.

I also find myself staying up late at night just to check on what my friends are pinning these days!

It's crazy…that website is addicting.

We're all talking about it.

You know you are…don't deny it!

I had no idea about this pallet furniture stuff or tulle and yarn wreaths or what deco mesh was until this thing popped up on my screen one day!!! Where have I been all these years? I guess raising a child!

But, now, I'm back in the game. The little one is now old enough to wrap herself in some tulle and hold the burlap while we get creative.

She also likes looking through online pictures for pallet ideas!

At three, I had no idea what “decorations” were except when it came time for a birthday party.

She is definitely her mother's child with her daddy's abilities with the hammer!

“I'm checking for pictures of pallets!” I heard her saying while she was talking on her pretend phone in her room. “These are nice ones.”

A little while later I caught part of a conversation she was having with her baby doll that ended with her needing “some more decorations!”

Oh my, how things have changed.

Before this pinboard website hit the big time, I had never once thought of how I could turn an old salvaged wooden door into a hall tree for my mudroom but I know how now-if only I could just get the other half to find me a door and add it to his really LONG to-do list.

I also never knew the power it had to make a girl so hungry!

With all those recipes on there it sure can drive a girl to EAT! I can't log on unless I've eaten. It's like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach; you just shouldn't do it.

The other day I came home with a “project” idea (yes, with a little help with the site).

With construction paper and the stapler ready to go, our family made heart-shaped garland out of construction paper to hang in the little one's room for Valentine's Day. I called it a project-one that I had almost forgotten about since doing it myself in kindergarten. Tessa called it a “projay!”

Now, she asks, “When you gonna bring home another projay momma?”

Guess I'll have to scan the pins for a little more “projay” inspiration…oh darn!

Here's to you and warmer days of happy pinning!