Rick Perry's Jackass Strategy

Published 4:01 pm Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rick Perry may be from the elephant party, rather than the donkeys, but he sure looks like a jackass from here. The Texas governor and his campaign were unable to successfully follow the rules to earn a spot on the Republican Presidential primary in Virginia and so he sued in federal court to try and force his way on.

Anyone unable to follow a simple instruction to get on a presidential ballot has absolutely no business going to the White House as president where far greater challenges stand waiting on a daily basis.

If you can't fill out the presidential job application, you certainly don't deserve the job.

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The rules are simple. But they were evidently too difficult for Mr. Perry, who demonstrated his prowess earlier in the campaign by being unable to name the three federal government departments he had loudly proclaimed he would abolish if elected president.

Oops, indeed.

Another graphic example of candidate self-entitlement.

And self-discreditation.

With a dump-truck load of hypocrisy-the conservative GOP candidate seeking federal judicial activism by having a judge order his name put on the Virginia ballot-and overturn a state's rule of law only for his own personal benefit.

Even if a judge agrees that one of the rules is unconstitutional it won't change the fact that Mr. Perry did not follow the rule when it was in place.