Former Farmville Resident Publishes Book

Published 3:39 pm Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In a recently released book, A Truck Named Travis, Tim Shockley shares a twofold message with young children: not-so-glamorous jobs are still important, and recycling is necessary in preserving the earth's resources.

The idea for the book took hold when Shockley, a former career military officer and 12-year veteran of Public Works, was invited to speak at a local elementary school career day.

“I was invited to showcase my City's automated garbage trucks and self-loading knuckle boom trucks to some first and second graders,” the author stated. “In doing so, I realized it was a magnificent opportunity to reach children and tell them about the importance of the job we do and how they can invest in their future by recycling and wisely using the earth's limited resources.”

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His presentation caught on, and he was asked to visit other schools and talk about the solid waste program.

“Most people hardly view solid waste as a glamorous occupation, yet few seem to realize how essential the service is,” he stated. “My hope is that in A Truck Named Travis kids will see that the contribution one makes to society may not always be glamorous, but it can be extremely valuable.”

Shockley, now a resident of Yorktown, lived in Farmville from the age of six to ten when his father served as Director of Religious Education at Farmville Baptist Church. His book, geared for ages five to nine, is available through his web site: