AMVETS Seeking Prince Edward Veterans

Published 5:09 pm Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Veterans (AMVETS) is asking Cold War veterans to step out of the shadows and make their voices heard through the establishment of an AMVETS Posts in Prince Edward County.

There are nearly six million 'peacetime' veterans, those who served during the Cold War but not during 'hot wars' and about 200,000 of those live in Virginia. Most are unaffiliated with any veteran organization. AMVETS does not discriminate based on place or period of performance.

“Honorable service equals eligibility” says Virginia AMVETS Public Relations Officer Greg Eanes. “It's time for our Cold War veterans to affiliate as veterans. They served and their service is worthy of recognition. We won the Cold War – the Iron Curtain fell 20 years ago and now an entire generation in Eastern Europe has grown up experiencing economic, political and social freedoms that weren't available to their parents. Our American Cold War veterans can take great pride knowing their services between 1945 and 1991 helped make it happen.”

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Eanes said, “Affiliation with AMVETS provides a venue for supporting veterans, widows, orphans and active military, providing community services and the camaraderie of fellow vets.” Only ten members are needed to start an AMVETS Post and they can meet anywhere; private homes, churches or be hosted by other veterans organizations. Prince Edward County has over 1,500 veterans according to Veterans Administration statistics.

AMVETS was founded by World War II veterans who wanted their own organization. Eligibility was amended to include all veterans who served honorably. Eanes said, “Some of us got called to serve during wartime, others got called go overseas, oth-ers served during periods of relative peace making them ineligible for other veteran groups. From an AMVETS perspective, all that matters is that we signed the same contract and served honorably. All are veterans.”

Individuals wishing to learn more about AMVETS can visit the national website at Individuals wishing to start an AMVETS Post can contact Virginia AMVETS First vice Commander Bruce Brown ( or 804-334-4352.