PE Talks Land, Route 628

Published 3:31 pm Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PRINCE EDWARD – County supervisors scheduled a called meeting last Wednesday for the purpose of authorizing a public hearing for the initiation of condemnation proceedings to acquire certain property interests necessary for public purposes on land owned by Davis Real Properties, LLC, and for a closed session to discuss the acquisition of real property for the alternate Route 628 project.

Following a short open meeting, where an update on efforts to secure property to construct the alternate Route 628 was presented, the board held an extended closed session to discuss real property acquisition, but took no action on the road project.

County Administrator Wade Bartlett detailed prior to the closed session that they have been informed by the contractor, Haymes Brothers, that they have “agreed to hold their price until February the 10th of 2012, which will allow us some additional time to acquire all the right-of-way…”

Supervisors, in a previous meeting, approved a resolution authorizing the acquisition of interests in real estate for road construction purposes on land owned by Glad Hill Properties, LLC.

That resolution outlined that the County has “determined that there is a need for a 6.878 acre right-of-way along with a .616 acre utility easement across and through a portion of a certain property…located on the east side of U. S. Highway 15 at Dominion Drive…” The resolution also cites that the value of the right-of-way and the easement is $343,850.

The County essentially acted to take control of the land and for the road project to move forward while leaving the door open to negotiate on the price.

County Attorney James R. Ennis reported that the “certificate of deposit filed with the clerk's office vests defeasible title in the County as of the date of the recording of the certificate of deposit which is today. The condemnation hearing will determine what value needs to be paid and upon payment of that money, the title will be fully vested in the county.”

He also noted, “But as of today, we have the right to go on the property.”

Bartlett also reported, prior to the closed session that as of that time they were yet to reach an agreement with the Davis Property LLC.

Before they can proceed to condemnation on any land, he also cited, they must have an appraisal. (An appraisal must accompany the letter notifying any property owner of any eminent domain condemnation request.) At best, he said, they could get that completed by January 13. He also noted there were timelines along the way they would have to meet-citing advertisements and public hearings. (A public hearing could be advertised at the January 10 meeting.)

The board, however, took no formal action after the closed session to pursue an appraisal.

In other action, the board agreed after the closed session to support neighboring counties and agreed to send a resolution in support of the Mecklenburg County Board of Supervisors asking the Governor to reconsider the closure of the Mecklenburg Correctional Facility.