Where's The Beach?

Published 3:50 pm Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Wednesday and all I can hear going through my head is that country song by that singer Blake Shelton about “some beach, somewhere” and the part where he's remembering his last visit to the dentist.

Although, I'd like to quickly fast forward to where he's singing about the part where he has a drink with an umbrella, there's election news to finish and a whole day's worth of work to complete but I'm also about to go to the dentist and I'm not the biggest fan of the dentist chair.

I don't have a problem with the nice ladies in the office or my nice new dentist…I just have a slight fear of all the tools, gadgets, that weird chair, and all the grinding, spraying, and squirting that goes on while there.

Again, I'll repeat, “some beach!”

I wish I was going to some beach but oh no, I'm going to the dentist… You know when he sticks that needle way deep down inside the gum and drills and then grinds…

See, again, I'll say, “some beach!”

I could use a little of that blue water these days anyways.

I've been nervous since first thing Monday when my feet hit the floor. I knew that the week was starting and Wednesday was just around the bend and now today, Wednesday is finally here, my stomach is in knots and my hands are all sweaty.

Although I don't like the chair, I do like the people.

I'll admit, I've cancelled appointments for less than what I'm going in for today.

A filling (well actually two tiny ones-but to get through this I'm calling it one big one)!

I'm a grown mother and wife and I'm fretting over two small fillings.

Geez, and I brush twice a day! How did this happen?

I don't even like sweets. I'm a fan of the good stuff, you know, mashed potatoes and chicken.

Oh no, it's already 1:40 and I have to leave in 10 minutes.

My hands are shaking too much to continue to write.

I might have to finish this when I get back…that's if I make it.

If I don't, you know where I am.

I'm stuck in the dentist chair too afraid to move and get in my car and too numb to know how to get back to work.

Hours later…

Whew-I made it and with my tongue still intact. You see, my tongue seems to have a problem with getting in the way sometimes when all those gadgets are going and coming and I think I may be drooling all over this column but I made it back just in time to finish and get through this day.

Now, I just hope this Novocain wears off before dinner. I sure am hungry. I was too nervous to eat lunch earlier and now I'm too numb to even know where my lips are.

(Just a side note from the real numbed up Megan, my dentist really is great at what he does and all the rest in his office are also just as friendly and caring. They also know the office makes me nervous and, hopefully, like me just the same.)