Vote Everyone Out Of Office

Published 3:43 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Editor, The Herald:

If you are tired of paying taxes and watching your taxes go up every year, vote all in office out.

We need to start over and have leadership that puts the taxpayers and the working people first.

We need to cut taxes and all the handout programs that the working people and taxpayers are required to support.

Everyone that is in this country should have to pay taxes, no matter where they are a citizen of.

They expect the benefits of living here, so they should have to pay taxes.

If you apply for assistance, you should have to go to a doctor and be proven you are unable to work and if proven you can work you should be given a job to do, not assistance. If you qualify you should have to random drug test and if you fail you go to jail and you lose your assistance.

These deadbeat dads that can father a child and the mothers that have them only to get more support should be given a choice, support your child or go to jail.

Sick and Tired of Paying Taxes.

Gary L. Tanner